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At Face Value

Coming soon! Look for At Face Value, my latest romantic suspense novel on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2013.

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New Hampshire pub owner, Siobhan Murphy gets the shock of her life when she receives a phone call from the Irish Garda telling her that her parents are dead. Worse, is the implication that it was murder-suicide. Everything she knew about her parents told her the detective was wrong, that he made a mistake. Siobhan makes the long trip from New Hampshire to Kenmare, Ireland to bury her parents and discover the truth about their deaths. She’s only home for a night when her ex-husband shows up.

Ex-ATF agent, Diego Black was shocked to learn of the death of his in-laws. Despite Siobhan kicking him out of her life, he knew he had to be at the funeral. Diego had to be there for Siobhan. Understanding his wife, he knew Siobhan would not take the murder-suicide lying down. Knowing Siobhan, Diego figured her Irish temper and nosey ways would land her in trouble. He couldn’t be more right.

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