Denise Robbins
Never Tempt Danger


Available October 2010!

ISBN: 978-1-60318-260-7
L& L Dreamspell

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Maureen thought her special gift was a curse. Maybe she’s right…

As the one man who accepted her “gift” slid the diamond ring onto her shaky finger, Maureen saw his death flash in her mind an instant before the bullet struck. With blood on her hands and a government research project in the balance, Maureen—Gilly—Gillman does the only smart thing she can. She disappears. If there was one thing Maureen had learned, it was Never Tempt Danger.

Special agent Lucas Danger knows Maureen Gillman better than any other man. Assigned to find Gilly and her military robot prototype, Lucas discovers that his past has caught up with him. When the woman he loves collides with his secretive past, Lucas has to open his mind as well as his heart to save Maureen.

Who will get to her first?

bullet holes



“Will you marry me?” Jimmy asked as he clasped her hand.

The contact of his fingers wrapping around hers sent a mishmash of images slamming into her. A speeding car, a bright light, and an explosion flashed in her mind.

“Maureen, honey?”

She shook the image aside, drew her attention back to Jimmy, and looked into her lover’s eyes. She smiled and opened her mouth to answer his question. The squeal of tires and an engine gunning had her holding off. Then she knew. Jimmy! She started to tug her hand back, wanting to reach for her purse when she heard the crack, saw the bright orange flash of a shot out of the corner of her eye, and Jimmy’s head exploded.